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Hi! I’m Dan Holloway. As a Unity minister for over twenty years, I have heard innumerable stories of difficulties people have overcome and goals they reached. I am hoping to gather and share inspiring stories to help motivate others. We all do our best when we are motivated! There is so much we want to accomplish, but getting and staying motivated may be difficult. This site shares ideas, tools, tips, and life-changing strategies to help you overcome a challenge or attain a goal. And you can be part of the solution for another person as you share what has worked for you!

Since the beginning of time, stories have inspired people to action. We relate to real people sharing real, transformational stories. “If they can do it, so can I!”, we affirm.

Maybe you are facing a difficulty or want to achieve a goal. Here you can read about what inspired men and women like yourself to succeed. We all need a bit of inspiration from time to time. See if you can find yours here!

And as you have success in your endeavor – overcoming a challenge or reaching a goal – you may wish to share your story with us. Click here to see why we think your story has value. Share your story with the community here. You may be changing lives for the better!

Feel free to contact me at or

Best wishes on your journey, and come back often.