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Why your story has value…

Your Story is Valuable

Your story may be the perfect inspiration for someone to make a positive change in their life. You have a story – likely, many. You fought your way through hard times, you accomplished a long-sought goal. We need to hear your story, so we may be inspired in our own lives.

People can accomplish almost anything when properly inspired and motivated. Too often, however, inspiration and motivation wane. By sharing personal stories from people who have achieved a goal or overcome a challenge, lives can be changed.

Did you used to smoke cigarettes, but kicked the habit?

Have you had a physical or emotional challenge you faced and overcame?

Have you had a goal that seemed daunting, yet you persevered and finally achieved it?

This site is designed to help us help each other — to get motivated, to be inspired, to make a difference in our lives — and by sharing, we make a positive difference in this world.

And we are re-motivated as we recall our personal successes!